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Job Description :

Basically, these are Quran tafseers/bayans/talks. What are we looking for, someone who listens to these talks/urdu beyans and write them; word by word, no changes, no definitions, no descriptions, nothing at all, word by word only, whatever the speaker is saying, just write them down.

Requirement :

  • Write Title of the Bayan. (we’ll provide)
  • Listen and write word to word transcript, NO changes, additions or subtractions, word by word only.
  • Add counter after every 10 mins, when you are listening, there’s a number/counter.
  • Surah Name & Ayats been covered in this talk. (we’ll provide)
  • Major points & important messages from the bayan. (you’ll write & we’ll highlight)
  • File Format need any format, that can be editable; Inpage or docx.

Apply Now:

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resume/cv to careers@PakiGurus.com along with past work samples/doc or links. Email must have Subject: Applying for Urdu Transcription, otherwise it might not be considered.

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Allowed Type(s): .pdf, .doc, .docx

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